Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Toy

This is my toy.

No! It's my toy....

I said this is MY toy!

Ok, please can I have my toy back?


  1. Chance says "Hang on Emma Rose! Don't let anyone have your special toy..bury it." :)

  2. Great idea Chance! I'll try to sneak it outside when they're not looking.

    Emma Rose

  3. Ha! Sophie has a toy just like that!! I love how they love their toys! Emma are such a beautiful, spirited girl!! :)

  4. Andrea, you are too kind! Give Sophie my love and tell her if she chews the nose off of the toy there's green stuffing inside!

  5. You are lucky Emma Rose, our Border Collies have never had their own private toys...only the ones that have legs and can kick their teeth out! But they can chase pretty good.


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