Monday, November 30, 2009

Winchester Bay - Part One

We went camping on the coast for four days. It was dark before we got there but the manly Duke got us there safe and sound. We woke up to a beautiful sunny Thanksgiving day. That lasted about two hours and then the rain came. It rained most of the day and night. It was really loud in the middle of the night but I wasn't scared. We went for lot's of walks - even in the rain. Mister Higgins has never been camping before and he did pretty good. I think he really doesn't care where he is as long as he is with us. (And his toys are handy). Sir Bear spent most of the time sleeping but he seems to be improving! He even put up with Higgins most of the time.

Here we are getting all settled in the first night.

It didn't take Higgins any time at all to get into trouble.

"Hey, psssst...I think I found the peanut butter!"

"It's up here on the counter!"

I even checked it out and he was right. There's the big jar.

The first morning when the Duke opened the blinds it really scared Higgins. He hid under the chair. I guess he didn't know there was an outside to the trailer. Silly puppy!

When it wasn't raining the Duke would leave the door open and we all patiently waited for him to take us for a walk. As you can see in the next picture, sometimes Mister Higgins just needed some time in his crate. Or rather WE needed him to spend some time in his crate :)

We have so many pictures to show you. We even got to walk on the beach. Next time I will share more of our trip. We are so glad we went.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

We Are Thankful

Frozen peanut butter Kong's with a surprise inside! Yummy, yummy!

Thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bear's Results

Not so good news here today. Bear's urine sample was still diluted, even after all night with no water. The Vet says the next step is antibiotics to see if, by chance, it could be an infection. If not, the next step is a pure sample taken with a needle (YIKES!) Things don't look very good and we are trying not to panic. Renal failure and Cushings disease were also possibilities. Bear is not in pain that we can tell. He is acting completely normal other than the excessive water thing. But, if you can, would you please say a prayer for him? We love the old guy, even if he is cranky sometimes.

We are taking him camping for the long weekend to the coast. He loves the 5th wheel trailer. Maybe he won't like it so much when he finds out he has to share it with Mister Higgins :)

Happy Thanksgiving from our Castle to yours!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick Update

I had a very bad night on Thursday so the Duchess took me to the vet on Friday for Xrays and blood work. The good news is that my Xrays were great and my blood came back normal also. There is a slight abnormality in the urine test but the vet seems to think it will go away when I have been on my new food for a few weeks. So I AM OK! I just have a sensitive stomach and have to eat some special food. Isn't that wonderful? Whew!

The Duchess forgot to take Bear's water away last night so she could get a concentrated "sample" from him today. So Bear's test will have to wait until Tuesday when the vet is open late. But we know for sure that he doesn't have diabetes. That was our biggest worry, so we are very thankful for that. His blood tests were normal and the vet thinks maybe he has some kind of urinary tract infection or maybe he is just aging. The "concentrated" test should give us the results.

So now you are all up to date with everything I know! Thank you for your well wishes.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three Dog Outing

We have been super busy since my last post. I have been to the Vet and Bear has been to the Vet - but before I tell you about that let me tell you about our Happy Sunday.

After a hearty breakfast we loaded up the Trailblazer with all the supplies we might need and headed off to Home Depot.

This is the first time I have ever been in a store. The Duke and Duchess thought maybe I could be a good example for Mister Higgins, so Bear and I got to go along on this outing. Doesn't the Duke look like he's having a great time with 3 dogs? Hmmm...... Not so much???

The first thing Higgins did was to poop in the main isle of the store - right there in front of EVERYONE! I was horrified, and rightly so - because it was MESSY! (oh, and it didn't smell very nice either). The Duke was also horrified and the Duchess had a hard time containing her laughter. Go figure. Fortunately the Duchess had a "mess kit" in her purse and cleaned up the entire mess and then finished it off with a Lysol sanitizing wipe. The store clerk was quite impressed. However, she requested that the Duchess please use the garbage can outside of the store to deposit her "doggie bag".
So, we continued on, and the Duke decide we really needed to get off the main isle. We headed down the isle with the shiny new toilets and Higgins took that as his cue to squat and leave a huge puddle in the middle of the floor. We all thought the Duke was going to faint! Again, the Duchess cleaned up the mess - all the while laughing uncontrollably. She had tears running down her face. (What on earth is so funny about pee, I'll never know).

The Duke needed some kind of bolt thingy for concrete, and as soon as he found them we high tailed it out of there! The lady at the check out was so nice. She gave us all treats and Mister Higgins was really pushy. What a brat!

He just would not leave. I was embarrassed to no end!

After we finally got him out of the store and into the car, we headed to Petco for another outing. My leash broke right before we left the house so I needed a new one. I was leery of Petco. There were big bright things in the air and little varmints crawling around in cages and behind glass. It was a bit spooky for me but I soon got used to it. Nothing bothers Sir Bear - he's just a big doofus. (I say that in the most loving way, you know). Mister Higgins was pretty good when he wasn't pulling pig ears off the shelf. But again, when it was time to leave and the nice girl gave us treats, he was a total hog! He wanted my treat, and Bears treat and his own treat. And then he begged for more. What a complete PUPPY this kid is. The Duchess promised me that someday he will be a wonderful and well behaved young man. (When? Please?)

After Petco we headed back home again so Mister Higgins and I could enjoy some play time. Do you see me in these pictures? NOT! He is so stingy with his ball. Beside that, I don't even like to play ball!

I am seriously doubting my Duchess when she says he will really grow up some day. . .

Send help!
In the meantime, we have other things to worry about. I went to the Vet because I have been vomiting - dry heaves. The vet made me change to a "sensitive stomach" food and Pepcid AC twice a day. If that doesn't work I will have Xrays and blood work next. My Duke and Duchess are pretty concerned for my welfare.
Bear went to the Vet because he has been drinking gallons of water and having accidents in the house - which he NEVER does. $200 later he is doing a little better but we don't know what is going on yet. The duchess has to get an early morning "sample" on Saturday to take in to the Vet for tests. I told the Duchess it's that little bratty brother that is making us all sick and she just laughed at me. Can you believe that? Humph! Anyway, I will keep you updated with any news as we get it.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


When the Duchess leaves for work in the morning she gives us each our bone to chew on. Sometimes we get a frozen peanut butter Kong. But usually the Duchess is too lazy or forgetful, so we get our bones. (PLEASE don't tell her I said that! Thanks.)

I get my bone first - of course - I AM the Queen.

Then Sir Bear gets his bone next - he's only a Knight.

Then Mister Higgins gets his bone last. He has to have his in the kitchen where he stays all day while the Duke and Duchess are at work. Oh yeah - and HE was supposed to be a Prince, but he turned out to be a Court Jester. *sigh*

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Photos From Our Weekend

We had a pretty lazy weekend.
It rained. ALL weekend.
Bear had the right idea here.

Mister Higgins, as usual, was a wild puppy.

He's really asking for it!

Bear thinks all this bitey face is juvenile!

However, when Higgins wants to kiss up to him,
Bear is getting much better about it.

Mister Higgins, the Frog Prince.

What is wrong with . . .

This picture. . . .?
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Love Letter

Guest Blogger: The Duchess

There were no written words

No paper or perfume.

But in my heart I sensed

Each thought as if spoken.

No salutation - "Dear" this or that

Anonymously sent.

But it was most certainly meant for me.

It was my pillow, after all,

Under which it had been hidden.

"You are the center of my life" it began,

"Nothing in the world can take your place.

I would travel to the ends of the earth

to hear your voice,

Or lay down my life

for the gentle touch of your hand.

You are my perfect soul mate.

So I give to you this,

my most prized possession,

for it is all I have to give.

I entrust it to your care,

knowing it is as safe with you as my heart.

I love you with all I am

or ever will be."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our New Toy

I promised to show you our new toy, and here it is! We love it sooooo much!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Trip to Town

Mister Higgins has some puppy issues. The first one is his "cuteness factor". We think he knows how adorable he is. That is not good. The second one is he is a scaredy cat. There is not much we can do about the first thing, but we are working hard on the second one.

His first time at puppy kindergarten only one other puppy was there and he scared the poor little thing to death! The teacher had her big dog there also, and Mister Higgins really told him a thing or two! The teacher says he is a very normal puppy. (Humph! Normal? And here we all thought he was exceptional!) The important thing now is exposure. He needs exposure to the big outside world.

So, as you know, Mister Higgins has been to Petco and the farm supply store. He has been to work with the Duchess twice. He had a wonderful time at Home Depot. They took his picture and gave him treats, and spoiled him rotten! And, of course, he's been to the Vet.

Today he took a short trip to town where he got to walk up and down the street and do some window shopping.

When he saw his reflection in this glass door he barked his head off.

But after he figured out it was only his reflection he was quite embarrassed!

The next store had a resident cat in their window.

Mister Higgins tried to figure out if this was another reflection.
He wasn't going to be humiliated twice in one day!

This looked like a fun place to stop, but they were closed.

So they went to the local coffee shop instead,
where they were invited in for cuddles and treats!
(that is the "cuteness factor" at work)

They made some new friends at the coffee shop too.

And the Duke had a yummy Mocha.

Outside, the new friends introduced them to Reno,
their Border Collie.
Mister Higgins thought that was great
until he realized that he did not know this dog.
Then he barked his head off again.
The new friends were not offended thankfully!

So, coffee finished, they said goodbye to all their new friends,
and continued their walk through town.
It was a very fun time and hopefully they can do it again.

Next post I will show you our new toy!
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