Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Trip to Town

Mister Higgins has some puppy issues. The first one is his "cuteness factor". We think he knows how adorable he is. That is not good. The second one is he is a scaredy cat. There is not much we can do about the first thing, but we are working hard on the second one.

His first time at puppy kindergarten only one other puppy was there and he scared the poor little thing to death! The teacher had her big dog there also, and Mister Higgins really told him a thing or two! The teacher says he is a very normal puppy. (Humph! Normal? And here we all thought he was exceptional!) The important thing now is exposure. He needs exposure to the big outside world.

So, as you know, Mister Higgins has been to Petco and the farm supply store. He has been to work with the Duchess twice. He had a wonderful time at Home Depot. They took his picture and gave him treats, and spoiled him rotten! And, of course, he's been to the Vet.

Today he took a short trip to town where he got to walk up and down the street and do some window shopping.

When he saw his reflection in this glass door he barked his head off.

But after he figured out it was only his reflection he was quite embarrassed!

The next store had a resident cat in their window.

Mister Higgins tried to figure out if this was another reflection.
He wasn't going to be humiliated twice in one day!

This looked like a fun place to stop, but they were closed.

So they went to the local coffee shop instead,
where they were invited in for cuddles and treats!
(that is the "cuteness factor" at work)

They made some new friends at the coffee shop too.

And the Duke had a yummy Mocha.

Outside, the new friends introduced them to Reno,
their Border Collie.
Mister Higgins thought that was great
until he realized that he did not know this dog.
Then he barked his head off again.
The new friends were not offended thankfully!

So, coffee finished, they said goodbye to all their new friends,
and continued their walk through town.
It was a very fun time and hopefully they can do it again.

Next post I will show you our new toy!


  1. What a lovely trip! And you are such a nice tour guide. Can I trade you for Nigel? ;)

  2. I know all about the cuteness but when he grows its going to be cuteter[hihihii look at his beautiful eye's.Isn´t he or she lovely[and you thinking yes yes i have not all day].MOM LOOK AT THAT DOG CAN I PLAY hihihi cutiecutieieie ect.
    So beware of the CUTE dog!!!
    Bye bye your cute friend,Misty

  3. Fenway The Sorcerer predicts that Mr. Higgins will get into all sorts of trouble and get away with it 'cause he's off the Cuteness Factor charts..

    Let him know that I growled at the big mirror when I was a pup and didn't understand reflections. I thought my bedroom was invaded by other dogs!

    I know you will be a big help to Mr. H. and a soothing influence. He will look to you and learn what's scary and what's not!

    Your pal,

  4. Mister Higgins is adorable!! Definitely has the cuteness factor going on for him! I think it's funny that he barked at his reflection...that must have been embarrassing for the little guy! I'm sure he will get use to other dogs soon took mine quite awhile to get used to other dogs.

  5. Hi!!! That was a great walk...with lots of distractions... Hopefully time will grow Mr. Cuttie Higgins into just a friendly pal! I have 6 different type doggies in my Puppy class, and the 2 instructors help us with all sorts of socializing. The loudest is Mayo, the Visla. Very cute, but very noisy. So, the instructor has the parents give Mayo lots of little treats while Mayo is in the barky zone...seems to be slowly working!!! And, rewards when Mayo is sitting quietly....
    See you again soon pals!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  6. What a nice walk thanks for sharing it.

    Wizz :-)

  7. Sounds like Mr. Higgins is getting the lay of the land Emma!! You are such a great big sister!!


  8. It sounds like Mister Higgens needs to go someplace different everyday! Socialization is very important! Chance still barks at other dogs..especially when he is in the car...and horses..and cows..and deer..I am working on getting him not to bark until I am done taking photographs!! Looks like a great little town to go walking in! :) :)

  9. Looks like Mr. Higgins is putting some miles on those young paws of his! Great way to grow up☺

  10. Looks like Mr Higgins had a woof of a time in town! Lucky him!:)

  11. Mister Higgens, cuteness does take you far in this world! Trust me, I know!



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