Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Hanging Out

The Duchess tried to get a nice picture of me today.
But I hate that flashy thing in my face, so I pretended
that I was interested in something else.

At one point I even got a little bored with the whole thing.

I finally caved in because she told me I had to stay put until I looked at the camera.
And then she complained that it wasn't good enough!

There! Are you happy now?
Picky woman!

On Saturday the Duke and Duchess took Higgins to the park.
It was part of his "homework" from his class.
They were supposed to get him used to walking past
other dogs without reacting. It was also a good time to
practice leash training.

He tries so hard to please, but boy does he pull!
He is always in a hurry.

Little pieces of hot dogs work really well though.
Bribery! And I missed it!!!
After the park, where there were NO other dogs, they went to
the community college and got to walk past three of them.
Higgins passed the test, but not with flying colors :(
Maybe next time. Practice makes perfect.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunshine Comes To Visit - Part 2

When the sun comes out the Duchess gets a little "camera crazy".

So we decided to share some more pictures with you from our day in the sun.

Hope you like them. Since we posted twice, don't forget to check out part one below!


Sunshine Comes to Visit

Can you believe it? The sun was shining outside my window!

I really, really wanted to go out there. . .

So, we did! Since the Duchess was home for the week,
she took us outside to play.

Higgins loves the sunshine too.

I was checking out the green grass.

It felt so good under my winter paws.

It was a happy day.

Even grouchy old Bear loves the sun.

Mister Higgins was being naughty so I had to go help the Duchess.

See what I mean? He was trying to get his ball off of the Hot Tub.

Wait till I tell the Duke! You are TOAST Mister Higgins!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's In The Contract

When you adopt a puppy from Border Collie Rescue the contract you have to sign says that you will spay/neuter when the pup reaches a certain age. . .

Mister Higgins is of a "certain age" now. Poor little guy.
Even I feel sorry for him.

The first day after his surgery he went to work with the Duchess.
He was so miserable.

The Duchess bought him two children's t-shirts and an elastic bandage, hoping to keep him protected while letting him be without the collar for awhile.

It only worked while he was laying still. As soon as he got up he screamed bloody murder and the Duchess took the t-shirts off. Poor Duchess was suffering almost as much as Mr. Higgins!

At the office she found a corner in the back that nobody uses and set up a pen for little Higgins. He slept most of the day, and when he wasn't sleeping he was pretty unhappy.

So, back at the castle we tried to make him comfortable.

The Duke and Duchess tried the t-shirt idea one more time using bigger shirts.
But it still didn't work because the shirts were too big and they kept falling all over.

Poor Mr. Higgins was exhausted.

He really hates the e-collar. When the Duchess was in the kitchen getting dinner ready he was able to get his collar off and pulled his stitches out. So we had to stay home while they rushed him back to the Vet to get fixed up. The Vet put and invisible bandage over his incision and sent him home with more pain meds, antibiotics, and some mild tranquilizers to help him rest. He's been crazy trying to get to those stitches, so hopefully that would help him.

The Duchess doesn't dare leave him home so he had to go back to the office the next day. The bad part is that he gets car sick. So he has his medicine with his breakfast in the morning and then throws it up in the car. The Duchess knew this was not a good solution and did not want to add more stress for him, so she is taking a week of her vacation to stay home with us. By the time she goes back to work Mister Higgins should be all better. Or a least almost all better!

He is feeling better already, actually.

He spends much of his time now trying to figure out how to chew on his bone. . .

And play with his ball. We all know how much he loves his ball. . .

But it has been quite a challenge!

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