Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Royal Snow Pictures

This little bit of snow closed all the schools today.
Yep.  And the Duchess got to stay home from work.
Yep.  I'm serious!

So, bright and early we bundled up the Duchess and out we went.
She was none too happy that we would not pose for her camera.
Mostly she saw this. . .

And this.

Always running away!

Me too :)

And Bear too!

No matter how much she begged us, we just kept on going. 
We were far too excited to worry about a stupid picture!

"Why do I need to stop running?"

Did you know that Rain Boots are not at all the same as Snow Boots?
Nope. Not at all!

Higgins stopped running long enough to chase the ball. (Of course!)

And Sir Bear took time to "smell the Roses". 
Oh, smell the snow??

"Please leave an old man to his business, thank you."

I tried to hide as usual.

I even thought of running. . .

"Did someone say running???"

I tell you, he is going to drive me completely BONKERS!

Maybe I should teach him a lesson?

That should do the trick for awhile at least.

And he's off running AGAIN!

We are too civilized to try to keep up.

When the Duchess couldn't feel her feet anymore we decided to go inside.
We really wanted to stay outside, but she bribed us!

Life this morning was good.  Real good.
It is now afternoon and the snow is almost completely gone :(
It was great while it lasted, and tomorrow is supposed to be really icy all day so the Duchess will be home to play with us again. 

Thank you for sharing our snow day with us!


PS  Guess what!  It's snowing again!!!!

Snow Day!

It's snowing!  It's really snowing!  Stay tuned for some Royal Snow Pictures :)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello My Friends!

Guess what happened?  The sun came out and it stopped raining!  We got so excited we forgot to take the camera with us as we ran out the door.  Today a storm is coming in but we did get to play for awhile and the Duchess remembered the camera this time. 

While we all played the Duke trimmed the apple trees.

I scoped out the woods for bunnies, but I didn't find any.

The Duchess was stalking me with her camera so I gave her the stink eye.

Sir Bear tries hard to ignore her :)

Speaking of stalking. . .

I caught Mr. Higgins by surprise!

But he was only interested in playing ball.

And running. . .

Did you know the Queen's job is to protect her subjects?

I must admit I do that very well!

When we were all winding down for the day Higgins wanted to play some more.
He is such a Puppy!

Me?  I've had enough.

He finally had to take a break.

All in all it was a very good day!

I'm sorry we have been gone so much. 
I will threaten the Duchess with exile if she doesn't get with the program! 
(Just kidding. Don't tell her I said that ok?)

Thanks for stopping by!


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