Friday, November 26, 2010

After Turkey

What do you do after the Guests go home?  We nap, by Royal Decree.  :)
I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

The New Dressing

In a moment of total insanity I chewed up the blue dressing.  I know, I know, I promised not to do that. . . What can I say?  It was blue.  The Duchess was very unhappy with me.  To punish me for my bad judgment she re-wrapped my leg in green!

I was quite put out over this and let the Duchess know by chewing up the green dressing just like I chewed up the blue one.

Well, I got my way.
And the Duchess got hers.

I got my pink dressing.

Everything has a price doesn't it?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Trip to the Vet

A few days ago the Duke and Duchess noticed a lump on my leg.  They were sure it was not always there.  So many of our bloggie friends are having health issues and nasty lumps that the Duchess decided to rush me into the Vet to be sure it was nothing. I tried to reassure her.  It doesn't even bother me at all, but she was taking NO chances.

Can you see it? It is on my dirty royal leg. 

Well, the Vet doesn't think it is a tumor thank goodness, but she thinks I probably blew out my knee.  The good news is that knees can heal up just fine.  So she wrapped me up all snug in BLUE. I was horrified!  A Queen doesn't wear blue she wears PINK and GOLD! Or silver :)  Anyway, please excuse the dressing. I had no control over it.  Then to make matters worse, the dreaded E-collar came up out of the basement.  Fortunately, after the Duchess explained to me why I had to wear it, I promptly gave my word that I would not chew on the dressing - and the collar came off.  I have been as good as gold since then.  Anything to avoid the collar!

I have to be on a leash when I go outside for the next 2 weeks.  No running. No horse play. (I have never played with a horse in my life!)

The Queen is NOT amused!


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Time Change Brings New Challenges

As you probably know Mister Higgins is the type of pup that must have his exercise requirements filled every day.  Now that it is dark when the Duchess gets home from work there is a problem playing ball with Higgins.  He can't find the ball!  So, the Duke and Duchess found a fun solution to the problem!  And now you can see for yourself :)

And this one too!

Problem solved!  And Higgin LOVES both of them!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Update on Higgins and Other Stuff

Mister Higgins is doing excellent.  The Duchess took him to the Vet after the biting incident and the Vet suggested she take him to a "Behaviourist".  He also had the gall to say that euthanasia was also an option.  The Duchess couldn't believe he would even consider that.  Why would she destroy her beloved puppy because she didn't teach him the rules?????  Needless to say she was not very happy with the Vet.  However, I think Higgins knew what the Vet was saying because after that he turned into the sweetest, most loving little puppy you could ever want!!!   The rules have changed around here and Higgins knows exactly what the new rules are.  So, things are much better and everyone is happy and still alive

When we are really good we get to chew on our rawhide bones.

I eat mine the fastest so the Duchess keeps a close eye on me.

Bear gets tired of chewing so he just dozes off when he feels like it's safe.

We also get carrots sometimes for a treat.  I love carrots!

Higgins does not like carrots.

He's not too sure what to do with them.

Bear LOVES them. Well, Bear loves anything he can eat.

The Duke and Duchess decided to make bread (without the machine)
and Navy Bean soup with Ham.  They sure made a mess out of the kitchen!

They took turns doing the kneading. The Duchess says it's hard work!

See how clean the oven is?  that's because the Duchess doesn't cook. Really.
But she says she is going to learn.  Better late than never, right?

Can you smell it???? It was yummy!!!

  We have been out of the loop the past week,
but we will try to get caught up!

Thanks for stopping by!


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