Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Trip to the Vet

A few days ago the Duke and Duchess noticed a lump on my leg.  They were sure it was not always there.  So many of our bloggie friends are having health issues and nasty lumps that the Duchess decided to rush me into the Vet to be sure it was nothing. I tried to reassure her.  It doesn't even bother me at all, but she was taking NO chances.

Can you see it? It is on my dirty royal leg. 

Well, the Vet doesn't think it is a tumor thank goodness, but she thinks I probably blew out my knee.  The good news is that knees can heal up just fine.  So she wrapped me up all snug in BLUE. I was horrified!  A Queen doesn't wear blue she wears PINK and GOLD! Or silver :)  Anyway, please excuse the dressing. I had no control over it.  Then to make matters worse, the dreaded E-collar came up out of the basement.  Fortunately, after the Duchess explained to me why I had to wear it, I promptly gave my word that I would not chew on the dressing - and the collar came off.  I have been as good as gold since then.  Anything to avoid the collar!

I have to be on a leash when I go outside for the next 2 weeks.  No running. No horse play. (I have never played with a horse in my life!)

The Queen is NOT amused!



  1. Miss Emma I am so glad that its nothing serious and you are ok. Resting is no fun at all but you do get alot of extra treats and attention :) Your right I was shocked they gave you blue, maybe the duchess should bling it up for you :) hahaha

  2. Yes, some bling might do the trick.
    So glad you did not have to wear the Collar of Shame!
    That is no way to treat a Queen. Perhaps it was the Royal Stink Eye that saved you?

  3. You do not look happy! Hope you're all better soon!!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  4. I can completely understand why you are not amused by the "outfit" because that cone does not look royal at all! Perhaps your royal subjects could take a few moments to add some embellishments to the cone to make it worthy of your presence?
    I am sure you will heal up nicely...thank goodness you don't have a serious illness!

  5. Whew - you had us worried there, no more lumps in blog land, please. But be careful with your knee and let it heal. We like blue on you. And if you really have to wear the collar, you might like the soft one that Phantom had. And it is easier on the humans' legs tooz;0

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Thank goodness you are ok Emma. Why do Doctors sell lampshades is the most important question
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh Emma, I am right there with you!! But mine was my back leg, and I have to "take it easy" for 6 weeks!!! ACCKK! I guess I shouldn't complain though, I had no dressing and no... shudder... cone!!


  8. Thank goodness you are okay Emma Rose!! I saw that title and it sure got my attention! A trip to the vet is scary and I can understand why The Duchess raced you there! You be a good Queen okay? You look great in blue anyway but I have to say, you don't look too happy in the cone..but then...who would? Get better really soon! We love you!!! Lots of prayers coming to you and lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  9. Woof! Woof! Wearing the cone is no FUN. Sending you lots of Golden Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. Oh no my friend! actually compliments you :) The big collar....not sure, but does make you look quite regal. Heal up quick, ok!?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. I hope your leg feels better very soon. Sending hugs and scritches.

  12. Oh Emma! I am so glad the only indignity you have to face is wearing that blue bandage for a couple weeks! I know you're unhappy, but we're so relieved!


  13. Oh Emma Rose, you poor thing! I am glad the vet said you will be okay. And what a good royal dog to not chew on the bandage. You are such good royalty!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  14. Oh Sweet Emma, take care of yourself, and be good so you won;t have to wear the dreaded E-collar!!!
    ZAck, Sassy and Buddy

  15. Ouch - that knee looks like it will be fun, but at least it is not a tumor or anything (and we have had a lot of bumps tested here at The Herd). Crossed paws for a quick and full recovery.

  16. Oh no not your knee..we hope it heals quickly and we are glad you are not in pain (or a royal pain Ha..I just had to add that!)
    Keep your teeth off the bandage! Then you can escape the collar and you are such a good girl I know you will pay attention to the Duchess and do what ever she says.
    Chance is sending you a big ole kiss! :)

  17. Hey there....
    I held my breath when I saw the title of your post (I rely a lot on titles), but I am SO, SO PLEASED that the big "C" has been avoided. I know that surge of adrenalin too well.
    Nevermind collars, dressing, long as Emma will be okay (and YOU, of course!)
    Sending lotsaluv

  18. At our house that adornment is always referred to as "the dreaded collar"!

  19. Poor Emma :(
    Oh well, it's raining so hard anyway....might as well take it easy. Get well soon.


  20. All the best to you and your knee.
    If the bandage has to be blue, the vet should have picked a 'royal blue' one:)

  21. I hope you better soon Emma Rose and please aks the vet some pink bandage i have had a pink one...

  22. Being a good princess really paid off didn't it! We are so relieved your lumpy wasn't anything serious!


  23. Get well soon Emma! Possibly the duchess could bedazzle the cone? The it would be more of a crown..

  24. I am sooo glad that you are ok Emma! Hope you are feeling better very very soon!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  25. Oh dear, we've done that leash thing and worn the plastic bonnet. It's no fun. Take it easy and do everything the human says and we are all keeping our paws (all 40 of them) crossed that you'll be good as new really soon.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  26. Hi beautiful Queen Emma! I am glad to hear that your knee is going to be okay, it's hard to lay around and rest but at least you don't have to wear the lampshade! I know you don't care for the blue but my mom and I think it is still a nice color for you!!


  27. Poor girl - but this will all be over before you know it!


  28. miss emma rose,

    well, i'm gonna be full of the positives and woof that i'm way super glad that your bump isn't anythingie scary. but i'm sad that you hurt your knee and have to rest and wear a bandage. i can't believe the V-E-T gave you a blue one! they should totally know better. i was thinkin', though...the duchess is super crafty like, so maybe she's got one of those bedazzler thingies hangin' around. you could totally bling up that boring blue bandage to meet your royal standards!!
    oh, and i'm sorry, but i couldn't help gigglin' a little cuz you are totally givin' the duchess the hairy eyeball about havin' to wear that icky cone. heehee.

    the booker man

    pee s -- you are such a silly billy, miss emma rose!! of course you and mister higgins and sir bear are my friendz no matter what!! :)

  29. Oh my goodness Emma Rose, how awful to be inconvenienced this way and that collar has to go as it’s no crown is it! Well I still think you look pretty anyway and hope that you are fully recovered again very soon. By the way, if he may be so bold my Tommy would like to send you a lick to make it better.

  30. Thank goodness it's nothing serious. Get well soon!

  31. So sorries again that we haven't been visiting lately - Mom is just downright lazy. We are so sorry also to hear about your knee lump - tho Mom would have raced us to the vet too if we had a bump that big - poor Emma. You are one very funny girl, your Highness! And...sigh... pink absolutely does suit you beautifully! But when your Ma said she got the e-collar out, we thought it was the shocking kind gasp! So know that the one you are wearing is not so bad! So glad you hear you're on the mend!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  32. My dog, K, sends you her condolences. She had *10* weeks of that treatment, and it's finally winding down. You'll survive 2 weeks, I promise. It might seem tough and endless but you'll be running again before you know it.

    But, sweet Emma Rose, I am so happy that your bump isn't one of the evil ones!


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