Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Snow For Leap Year

We had a bit of snow.  
Not enough to play in, but enough to make us smile.

I went outside to check the girls
and the snow was nowhere to be found. 

I finally found a bit in the garden.

Higgins should have been named Pig Pen.
See how dirty he is?

There's my girls.
Looks like they're having a pow wow.
You know I'm kidding - chickens don't have pow wow's!

The Duchess says it's time to get the greenhouse set up.
Eight weeks till last frost - Let's get those seeds planted!

But first maybe I should check for any 
winter berries :)

Nope.  Nothing there.
I better get out of here quick, before I get caught.

The girls love to get out of their pen.
We like it too because they leave tasty stuff for us!

Higgins truly believes the chickens are his responsibility.
He likes to round them up and keep them together.

Did you know chickens drink from mud puddles?

They don't mind the mud at all.

And after all the fun I had in the winter weather
I had to go to the Beauty Parlor.
Now I'm softer than a baby rabbit.  That's soft!

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  1. Hi there Emma Rose, your snow sure is purrty
    Benny & Lily

  2. Boy I really liked that first picture. What a great window you have to look out of. The chickens look pretty happy with the weather and I can't wiat to see your garden this year. I can tell you guys do a big one.

    You look lovely after your bath too.

  3. We haven't had any snow here to talk about, either! I'm glad you're keeping things under control there, Emma!


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  5. Luna and Mr. Higgins are related, mud-wise!

  6. Hello Emma Rose, I'm glad that your doing great, Happy Leap year. did you find a berries on you Mom's Garden?

    Dog Shock Collar

  7. Hey Higgins, I am so glad you got to go out and enjoy the muds of spring before you had your bath and hair cut. You look so nice and all ready for spring. The chickens will be impressed when they see you.

  8. Ha! Mr Higgens is a Chicken Herder! And you look beautiful after your grooming. I was so happy to see your post this morning! Your chickens are looking really good..are you getting some more chicks this spring? What about Sir Bear..I hope he is OK and just wasn't out frolicking in the "snow" like you and Higgens.
    Chance is sending you kisses! :)


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