Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally - Some Camping Stuff!

As you know we went on a week long trip with the Granddaughter, Lady G.  When we got back the Duchess wasn't feeling too great and then we had computer troubles on top of that.  So, WE ARE SO GLAD TO BE HERE NOW!!!!

On to the camping story!

We are going to break this up into several posts because there is just too much to tell.  We went back to the park with the Bat Nursery and were very disappointed to learn there was not a maternity colony this year :(  That's the whole reason we went there instead of someplace else.  So, if you were blogging with us last year you will recognize many of the places in the pictures this year.

This first post is about Mister Higgins and the lake.  You know he is scared of everything, so the Duke and Duchess decided to see if he could learn how to swim.  He has a kiddie doggie pool at home that he willing gets into to get his ball out, but he will not sit down or lay down in the water.
  So here we will show you what happened when we introduced him to the big water!

This is me looking out the window of the royal truck on our way to the camp ground.  Things are looking pretty green out there right now.

Higgins is very excited because he knows he is going to play ball with the Duke.

Here is the Duke in the water explaining things to Higgins.

Things went pretty good at first.  The ball was always close enough to grab.

As long as his feet could stay on the ground he was happy to fetch that ball.

But finally the ball went a bit too far. . .

"Excuse me!  I need some help here!"

And the Duke did what any loving Dad would do. . . .(you have no  idea how cold that water is!)

Then they started over again.

And had another "lesson". . .

But as far as swimming goes, Mister Higgins was not keen on it.  As much as he loves his ball, he would not swim for it.  Maybe next year?

The Duke and Lady G did a fair amount of fishing though.  Sadly, they did not catch a thing!

Next up is the fish hatchery and then the Dog Creek Trail to the river.  Then the big bridge again, and . . . .
well, till then,



  1. Hang in there Mister Higgins. One day you'll just surprise everyone by diving right in.

  2. What wonderful lessons for you Higgins. I am sure that you will get the hang of it NEXT YEAR. THAT gives all of us something to look forward to. RIGHT buddy???

  3. Oh my how beautiful! We sure are jealous. And you have your own swimming hole!
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh Mister Higgens..Chance likes the water but he doesn't like to swim either..he likes his feet on the ground. I have taken him for a swim..he can do it..he just prefers not to. I am not sure that it will get to the point that Mister Higgens will jump right in...but I enjoyed the photos and the Duke is a keeper for getting that ball. I hope the Duchess is all better. I lost all my email addresses when I got my new computer, I should have made a list..but being stupid I did not..Have your Duchess email me:)

  5. Swimming is the best! Higgins will get the hang of it ;-)

  6. Mr Higgins is like Tommy. He loves the water as long as his feet can stay on the bottom.

  7. What a fun trip!! We love the pictures!! Holly won't even get but one paw in the water so Mister Higgins is her hero for getting his entire body in it!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  8. Hey, Higgins, most of The Herd is with you (except the swimming Cheoah and she is a little weird). Paws are meant to touch ground.

  9. Oh Higgins! Go for it my friend :) I was not keen on waters at first either, but now, I just can't stay out of water! So nice of the Duke to help you with the swim lessons.
    Glad Lady G and the Duke had some fishing time! What area was this lake in? Looked refreshing!
    So sorry we didn't contact you while in Oregon...had a number of new camper issues, and plans seemed to be rushed. In hind-sight...we should have stayed in the area for then next week or so, and just get used to the new camper... as it stands, many more things need to be fixed, but now we are back home in Cali. Good grief.
    Looking forward to your other camping posts!!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose


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