Friday, June 10, 2011

Flowers and Horses and Bats! Oh My!

On our camping trip, when it wasn't rainy, we walked down to the horse camp and met this BIG gal.

Her name is Amber, as you can see on her halter (is that what it's called?)  Anyway, she must have been the Queen Horsey because she was giving us the Royal Stink Eye so we made a hasty retreat!

This was our true destination.  The Bat Barn/Nursery.  It was a long hike. The road went around, not straight through the marshy stuff (although we could have gone through there and gotten all muddy, no thank you!)

When we got there we found these informational plaques to polish up our Bat knowledge.  We are now officially "Batty".  You can click on the picture to enlarge it so you can read it and become Batty too!

Same here :)  Of course!

This barn was enormous.  All of it was boarded up and there were openings at the top where the bats could fly in and out.  There were no bats in residence when we were there. Evidently we were a little early in the season. They go away in the winter :(   Maybe we will see them next time.

We did, however, see the mess they leave behind.  Icky.

Not so icky were the little flowers growing around the barn.  Pink is for girls, so maybe all the bat babies will be girls this year! 

This picture is to show you the size of the barn/nursery.  That is Henry's mom in the grass.  See how tiny she looks next to the barn? 

This is looking back at the horse camp we came from.  I hope Amber is on the trails by now!

Thanks for stopping by!  Tomorrow I will show you what Mister Higgins does when he is fed from a plastic bowl instead of stainless steel.  He's such a dork!



  1. Amber is a gorgeous girl & she has a very lovely name. I know, I am biased. TEE HEE! Oh man, that barn looks like a creepy, haunted place.

  2. Oh Emma Rose.. this was a real TREAT... A beautiful HORSE and the bat barn. I think bats are kinda COOL DROOL. Isn't it funny that baby bats are called PUPS.. just like we were when WE were Babies!!!

  3. Very interesting about the bats, we have lots of bugs here and could use more bats! How wonderful that the barn is a nursery..very cool. Upside down hanging by your have to admire Mama bats:)

  4. Amber has quite the bling on her, yes it is a halter:)
    I'll bet that barn is quite the place to be later in the year, in the evening, when all the bats fly out. Very interesting:)

  5. Amber is so beautiful!! She sure looks great in pink!! That is a very big barn! Thanks for the tour..."were you born in a born"..heehee!!! I've had a few run ins with bats that came inside during the night and it wasn't fun since they came as a complete surprise. That is very interesting about the mother and her babies. I'll look forward to hearing about Mister Higgins and the bowl!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  6. That was so cool. Thank you for sharing your experience. My Vickie says she has met many bats while her and Jamie (my mentor) were searching in caves for a missing boy.

    She likes it better learning about bats from your experience than hers.

    I think I would like bats but My Vickie says she isn't searching in caves any more.

    We will see.


  7. Amber probably is royalty, based on that halter she's wearing! Mom says that wasn't cheap!

    I'd have loved going on that hike with you. I'm sorry you missed seeing the bats. I'll bet that's quite a sight when they're all in residence there!


  8. It was interesting that the young bats are called pups, I didn't know that. Does that mean they too are your royal subjects? Henry's mom looks very tiny outside the barn.

  9. Amber doesn looke very royal, but not a royal is you :)

  10. great pictures. Cover your head and run!
    Benny & Lily

  11. Gotta watch out for those horses!

    That is a cool environment for bats!


  12. I love bats, we have tiny ones here. Mom says she saw really big ones in South Africa and they were all covered in huge ticks! Blood suckers sucking on blood suckers.
    We have those same little flowers here too. Some sort of pea like a sweet pea but smaller.
    I had to laugh that you avoided the muddy route, that woulod have been my first choice!


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