Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creative Minds Are. . . . .

When the Duke and Duchess purchased this castle many, many moons ago, one of the main reasons was the daylight basement. (Which I call the dungeon).  For several years they had a ceramics shop down there. The Duke made the clay pieces (called greenware) and the Duchess taught classes.  As time went by the shop closed and all of the inventory and molds were sold off.  That is when the Duchess became completely obsessed with Decorative painting.

We decided to show you her messy studio because she is talking about painting again.  That is one of the benefits of being on furlough!  Time.  Someone once said that "you can never find time, you will have to make time.  That is easier said than done, for sure.

Originally the studio was a one bedroom apartment.  After the ceramics shop closed the Duchess had the fridge and stove removed so she would have more space.  (Can you believe that?)  Anyway, it became her most favorite place in the universe.  The next thing you knew, she was teaching classes again, but this time it was just decorative painting.

It wasn't long before she realized two things.  First thing was that she honestly was not skilled enough yet to be teaching.  Second was that while teaching was fun, it did not allow her time to work on her own projects and hone her skills.  So that was that and classes were over.  Afterwards she was glad she did it because the more time she spent painting, the better she got.

Well, one day, as often happens, life changed and the Duchess stopped painting.  She always meant to get back to it but something always came up.  There was never TIME. 

So, last month when she was on furlough she decided to give it another go.  Sadly it is not like riding a bicycle- and she found she will have to start all over again.  But practice makes perfect :)  (That's what I tell her!)

She decided for her first project she would try to paint my portrait. (I think that was a bit ambitious, but she didn't consult me.)  That's when she realized she has no idea what she's doing!!! However, she does have a sense of humor about it all. 

Now that you have the background, we can start our tour!

This is the main room where you first walk in.

Past the main room is the kitchen, tiny, tiny bedroom, and bathroom.

The tiny, tiny bedroom is used for storing all the junk wonderful things the Duchess
plans to paint someday. (You know how that goes!)

This is the little kitchen.
During the holidays it would sure be handy to have that extra fridge and oven!
Oh well. . .

There is even an old computer that probably doesn't work anymore.

Back to the main room. You can see the front door from here!

Have you ever seen such a mess?

The Duchess says that's the best part of having a studio.
You can leave everything, walk away and close the door.
Next time you come in it is ready and waiting for you! 

So, I guess this concludes our tour.
Next time you think your house is messy, just remember this post!
You will feel much better :)

And I will leave you with one thought. . . 
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  1. I totally understand what you are saying. M.O.M. has taken over the entire upstairs of our new living place and she too says it is full of future projects. She does seem to know where everything is but it does puzzle me! She has said that after the painting and remodleing are complete me and M.O.D. may not see her very often. Thank goodness I know how to get up there. Maybe there will be a few biscuits hiding up there for me. I just don't want her to forget about me and all of our wonderful walks!
    Hugs andwags, Mistaya

  2. We don't think it looks that messy, looks pretty well organized to us. No painters here, no creativity whatsoever. For some reason, we really think the painter at your place is much better than she lets herself believe:) Thanks for the tour.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. That daylight basement doesn't look like any kind of dungeon to me! It looks inviting and has so many interesting things. I agree with The OP Pack. It looks pretty organize to us too!


  4. It looks like a furry pawesome place!

    Do woo get to use your paws too?


  5. Your momma is furry and furry mucho creative! Yesh, she is!

  6. Looks like a Wonderful Place to be Creative and it looks really well organized.

  7. It looks like a fabulous space to be creative in! Nothing at all like a dungeon.

  8. Oh boy! We can really relate to this one. Mom has her space in the attic, though! I'm glad to hear that you are keeping her busy while she's on furlough, though!


  9. I love your studio, I think everyone should have a room or two like that!
    I don't think it looks messy either!I have a question, can I use your quote on my kindness blog. I loved it! Very true !!
    Please let me know when you have a can.
    Thanks! xxoo

  10. Wow my mom person is very jealous of that awesome creative space!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. miss emma rose,
    i don't think the studio looks messy at all! everythingie looks like it's pretty much in its place! your mama is super mama can finger paint and that's about it. heehee! oh, do we get to see your painting??

    the booker man

  12. I thinks your mom's studio is just pawsome! What a great place to hang out in.......especially with you two in there with her!

    I hope you share your piktur she created! Would love to see it.


  13. Oh I had fun enlarging these photos and snooping around! All those paints and there must be every kind of Artists Paint brush possible on the shelves..oh and the to die for shelves. What a fun place to work and paint! I noticed a beautiful painting on the looks very good to me..I believe your Duchess may be a very talented painter! Thanks for the tour..I really enjoyed it..:)

  14. I'm jealous! You have your own studio??? I have to store my supplies and then pull it all out and put back. lol I love your studio! It looks fantastic! If that's haven't seen anything BOL. Enjoy.

  15. If that's a dungeon, I want to be a prisoner there!
    If you want to see messy, you should see my sewing room. This spring, insteading of cleaning it up, since there isn't actually room to put everything away, I thought I would 'sew' it tidy. As in sew the fabric into things, instead of finding room to store the fabric. Didn't happen, just bought more fabric instead, can't resist a sale:(

  16. Your studio looks wonderful! We should get together and paint! Maybe you will get me motivated again. Lately when I try to paint my entire hand goes numb and it hurts. I think I need to get one of those wrist supports then it will help. I have so many excellent pieces that need to be painted and canvas leaning against the wall...not to mention a ton of designs all ready to go - but I need a PUSH to get some stuff done! I actually have a fourth book completed, alas have not sent it to the publisher. Why? Because I just dont feel like it! LOL Next time you are up here we should talk painting! And if that is the beginning of the painting of Emma on the table in the pictures - looks like you are well on your way to me!

  17. My mom can totally understand why your mom considers this the best place on earth! And your mom is VERY talented Emma!

  18. Oh wow, I'm so envious of all of your space! That's so nice! Our house is just messy because... we're messy! Actually... looking around... Kirby is the one who is messy! I swear, there are 12 dog toys on the floor right now. :P Anyway, I think it's really neat that you guys are so creative! I did ceramics for a while, but my pieces were always REALLY heavy. :/ Ah well. Very cool.

  19. Mess i don´t see any mess just two lovely dogs in one yummie room...

  20. That is a totally pawsome room!! We love it very much!! It doesn't look messy, it looks lovely and like a fun place to be! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  21. Did our comment just go poof? Well...we think this studio is marvelous! Can imagine the creative visions upon entering...and the pieces that blossom! Yay!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  22. What mess?! I don't see any mess. I'm too busy drooling at all that space and light. Wow, if I had a "dungeon" like that, I'd take captivity for the rest of my life!

  23. Wow! What a cool room. You and Mr. Higgins must have a blast down there. My mom thinks it's cool too. She keeps all her craft stuff in bins, because we don't have that much room in our place.


  24. Hi Emma Rose, I didn't really notice any untidiness as I couldn't take my eyes off you and Mr Higgins. I feel sure he was desperately wanting to paint your portrait.

  25. Hi Emma Rose, I think the dungeon looks so neat and tidy indeed. I'd love to live there though. After seeing your messy studio, I wonder what my room is now!!! messier or messiest????

  26. Your Dutches is one lucky lady to have such a fine space,she will need that sink for clean-ups. And now to have the time to use it as well.
    I was peeking at your portrait Queen Emma and I'd like to have a better look at it... you should post it when she is done. I think it is looking very nice indeed.

  27. BOL! Yes, we HAVE seen a messier house - OURS! You should see our Mom's studio - but, we might never get treats again if we posted pics of it! PeeS - Mom loves that sign in the first pic :)
    The Road Dogs

  28. What a great studio. Our Mom is jealous.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties


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