Thursday, November 12, 2009


When the Duchess leaves for work in the morning she gives us each our bone to chew on. Sometimes we get a frozen peanut butter Kong. But usually the Duchess is too lazy or forgetful, so we get our bones. (PLEASE don't tell her I said that! Thanks.)

I get my bone first - of course - I AM the Queen.

Then Sir Bear gets his bone next - he's only a Knight.

Then Mister Higgins gets his bone last. He has to have his in the kitchen where he stays all day while the Duke and Duchess are at work. Oh yeah - and HE was supposed to be a Prince, but he turned out to be a Court Jester. *sigh*

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yummie ....BONE TIME i have to tell Lean that.

  2. The jester..surely you are mistaken your majesty. His true princely self will be revealed someday..probably not for awhile! How wonderful that you all get bones and the PB Kongs sound great! Chance hides bones...he buries them..but hardly ever chews on them:)

  3. Mr. Higgins just needs to mature into his pirnce role I think Emma...Until then....he is just entertainment!


  4. Nice bones! I'm on the kong with peanut butter plan over here...super fozen, as I am FAST! Love seeing each of you with your special daily treats!!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. It looks like you are all really enjoying those bones. :-0)

    Holly & Zac xx

  6. Emma are so funny! The Court Jester...little Mister Higgins will soon grow up and be a Prince. It's great that everyone gets a bone everyday!!

  7. My puppies get bones then morning and at night! They love them!

  8. Sooner than you think that funny, little pupper is gonna be all growed up and will become a Prince - you just wait an' see☺

  9. Emma Rose -
    Very castle needs a court jester. Laughing is good for us - so it seems Mister Higgins is just doing his job!

    Love the Kongs - can't believe I've gone 8 years - and never had a kong! - Abbey

  10. Hi Emma!

    Those bones look so yummy! It's funny how the photos define each and every one of you. You're looking so regal as Queen; Sir Bear so good looking as a Knight should be and Mr. Higgins so playful as a ... court jester. He does have lots of potential to be a Prince, of course!

    Stay happy in castle land! =)

    - Princess, Mocha & the Piappies

  11. I knew there was a downside to playing the jester! ;)

  12. All hail the Queen!! Queen Emma, could you pass some bones this way pluuuuueeesh?!?! :)

  13. Queen Emma - I have to tell my mommy about that peanut butter kong! Sounds yummy! I'm no longer allowed to have bones but I'll just sit here and enjoy watching all of you have one!


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