Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peace Offering

Remember that Fairy? Well, I've been her worst nightmare since I found the door to her Fairy Castle! I've had the place staked out almost around the clock. The few times I had to leave for "a break" she'd sneak out and zoom right out the back door. You can't see her, she's too fast. But you can feel the breeze when she goes by, and I can smell her! Anyway, I guess she's tired of playing our game because I found a "peace offering" on her doorstep. And a Queen never turns down an offer of peace. Especially one that's tasty!

Meanwhile, since there's nothing else to do when it rains...............

And you know what the best part of a bath is..................?

Getting dry!

My Royal Cape :)

Pretty spiffy looking if I do say so myself.


  1. Oh Emma Rose..did you have fun in the mud or what! I loved your bath..and your royal cape! You are way too cute..Chance says HI beautiful! :)

  2. More than spiffy. You're a looker ;)

  3. Wow Ms Queen Emma! You were pretty darned muddy! But, hey! You are lucky, our BC's only get the hose with cold water!! (never in the winter but we don't have mud in the winter..) but they do like water troughs and creeks!
    You clean up gorgeous! All silky and one would expect from royalty!


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