Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's In The Contract

When you adopt a puppy from Border Collie Rescue the contract you have to sign says that you will spay/neuter when the pup reaches a certain age. . .

Mister Higgins is of a "certain age" now. Poor little guy.
Even I feel sorry for him.

The first day after his surgery he went to work with the Duchess.
He was so miserable.

The Duchess bought him two children's t-shirts and an elastic bandage, hoping to keep him protected while letting him be without the collar for awhile.

It only worked while he was laying still. As soon as he got up he screamed bloody murder and the Duchess took the t-shirts off. Poor Duchess was suffering almost as much as Mr. Higgins!

At the office she found a corner in the back that nobody uses and set up a pen for little Higgins. He slept most of the day, and when he wasn't sleeping he was pretty unhappy.

So, back at the castle we tried to make him comfortable.

The Duke and Duchess tried the t-shirt idea one more time using bigger shirts.
But it still didn't work because the shirts were too big and they kept falling all over.

Poor Mr. Higgins was exhausted.

He really hates the e-collar. When the Duchess was in the kitchen getting dinner ready he was able to get his collar off and pulled his stitches out. So we had to stay home while they rushed him back to the Vet to get fixed up. The Vet put and invisible bandage over his incision and sent him home with more pain meds, antibiotics, and some mild tranquilizers to help him rest. He's been crazy trying to get to those stitches, so hopefully that would help him.

The Duchess doesn't dare leave him home so he had to go back to the office the next day. The bad part is that he gets car sick. So he has his medicine with his breakfast in the morning and then throws it up in the car. The Duchess knew this was not a good solution and did not want to add more stress for him, so she is taking a week of her vacation to stay home with us. By the time she goes back to work Mister Higgins should be all better. Or a least almost all better!

He is feeling better already, actually.

He spends much of his time now trying to figure out how to chew on his bone. . .

And play with his ball. We all know how much he loves his ball. . .

But it has been quite a challenge!

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  1. Oh, we're so sorry for Mr. Higgins! It's rough being a puppy! You might tell your mom to search for a Bite Not Collar. It's a lot more comfortable than an e-collar and does the job of protecting those sensitive areas! That, or I'd be happy to let him borrow my hot pink plastic princess muzzle with the stool guard in it to keep him from messing up his stitches.


  2. Poor Mister Higgins!!! The video is funny though. The pictures of Mister Higgins with the shirts on him are cute!! I had almost forgotten about the cone that Holly had to wear over three years ago. She took it well...I cried at the vets office when I left her to have the procedure done! Give Mister Higgins some love and treats from us and get well kisses! Love, Debbie and Hollydog

  3. Oh poor Mr. Higgins. But it does look like he is feeling better in the latter pictures, playing with his toys and bones. Please feel better soon. Hugs and kisses. Much LOVE and a very Happy Valentine's Day to all of you beautiful doggies.

  4. Woo - so sorry Mr Higgins, but we have all been through the same thing (ok, ok, the boys have - the girls like to point that there surgery is a bit more major). It will all be forgotten in a few days.

  5. Poor guy! He'll be so happy when he finally gets that collar off so he can play with his ball and chew his bone and everything (almost everything) will be back to normal. I love his big puppy dog eyes. Mr Higgins is a sweetheart!

  6. Poor baby. Nothing worse they wearing those lampshades
    Benny & Lily

  7. Poor Mr. Higgins. I knows just how he feels. When I got tutored, that stoopid collar scared me to death! Mom thought I was going to have a heart attack if I kept it on, so she took it off. Luckily, I was a good boy and dint pull out the sutures until everything was healed up. I was just tryin to save her a trip back to the betterinarian!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  8. Mr Higgins!!! Not supposed to pull those stitchy things out...I'm sorry it's such a miserable will get better... Perhaps a bully stick or pork chewy to take up some time...or frozen kong to distract you?
    For some reason, I didn't bother my stitches when I had my little girl op. But, as puppies, we both know we are always on the GO!
    Hang in there pal.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  9. What an ordeal for Mr. Higgins! (and Mom)....
    Don't you wish we could explain to them what's going on?
    Hope he will be feeling better soon.

  10. Mr. Higgins is one smart boy. He knew just what to do so Mom would have to stay home with him, and for a whole week no less! Hope you get your cone off soon and start feeling like your ol' self.

  11. I will spend the rest of the day hunched over in his honor! :)

  12. Those derned cones of shame...We are very sorry Mr. Higgins and hope you get better soon!!


  13. We hope you feeling better soon .

  14. Poor Mr Higgin's
    I had a much better time of it. The Vet told mom I did not have to wear that Clown Collar unless I bothered I didn't and I was back to my old self with in a day or two, more or less, albeit less a couple things!
    Your Friend Ryker

  15. Chance was bothered by his stitches..he refused to was pathetic. FINALLY I put some antibiotic cream on his stitches and in a couple of days he was better then new. Tis a necessary evil to do the surgery.. You should have a fun week at home..with everyone getting spoiled! :)

  16. Ouch! Poor Mr. Higgins.

    The collar looks like a space costume.

  17. Duchess, Thanks for your comments about Hana. I was so shocked and saddened too. Hug your Emma Rose extra tight tonight and Mr. Higgins and Sir Bear too. I can never get enough Pet Therapy myself. Hugz. Woof soon. Josie and Josie's Mom. Much Love.

  18. Poor Mr Higgins... we hope he is all better very soon.

  19. Poooooor Mister Higgins. :( It is indeed such a tough life. Nick understands his pain, however, and sends well wishes!

  20. This is an indignity that I have suffered myself! I didn't have to waer that collar thing, though. I was living in Minneapolis with my boy when this happened to me. I was very young and don't remember much about it, except that it hurt! Oscar was older and says he remembers it well and is still appalled at what happened to him! This happened to him after his wife dog, Emmy, had their puppies. I hope that Mr. Higgins is back to his old self soon.

  21. What a good lil' sport he was after his operation. When Scout was neutered he came home, took a drink of water, grabbed a toy and that was that. He never even looked at his boo-boo. Momma was all worried but Scout sure proved her wrong that he'd be all upset.

  22. Poor poor Mister Higgins ...
    I send him many hugs !!
    And my mommy send him get well wishes

    Kareltje =^.^=

  23. awww, mr. higgins, those e-collar thingies are no funsies at all!!! i had to wear one after my special surgery, too, and i kept running into the wall and door frames because i couldn't see around it. hope you're back to 100% soon!!
    the booker man

  24. Poor little man, it's always so ruff and of course it brakes our hearts. I bet he's feeling much better today. Great blog glad I found you through Max in South Africa :)

  25. Poor tiny itty bitty Mr. Higgins! What a sad few days it has been for him and his Duchess! We have switched to using a ProCollar (think big air filled blue donut) that comfortably keeps our monsters from ripping out stitches...too late now for Mr. Higgins but maybe worth looking into. Bear uses his as a pillow and snores with it on. I must say that Mr. Higgins has perfected the Poor Me look...he breaks my heart.

    What a beautiful little fuzzy family you are blessed with...thank you for your wonderful visits to our blog-we will be back regularly! I am smitten with your crew! Emma Rose has the most fabulous eyes!
    Woofs and whinnies,
    Sue and the crew

  26. Just the sight of you, Higgins, makes me start to ache in a certain place.

    Normally, I'd say that it's all a big act for either attention or extra treats. BC's are very, very good at perfecting the sad face. But I studied Higgins and I deem this to be The Real Thing.

    Poor, poor boy. And what a Very Good Girl the Duchess is to give up a whole week of vacation so that precious Higgins is as stress-free as possible.

    High five paws,

  27. We are sooo sorry that we are out of touch!

    We sure hope that Mr. Higgins is feeling better.
    That sweet boy!

    None of us liked those e-collars either :(

    Hang in there sweetie!

    Lots of luv & kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey


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