Friday, February 20, 2009

Piddle or Pee?

There has been a long standing argument in the castle about what to call “my business”. Technically, I don’t go to the “bathroom” (unless I want to see what’s going on in there and poke my nose through the shower curtain) I go to the “backyard”.

When the Duchess takes me outside she says “Emma, go potty”. But the Duke says “Emma, go pee”.

The Duchess has always disagreed with the Duke on this and has told him that “Ladies do not pee, they tinkle, and in Emma’s case, she piddles!” The Duke just shakes his head, rolls his eyes and says “Emma, go pee”.

Then last summer, on one of our big camping trips, much to the Dukes dismay, the Duchess finally won.

The Duke was standing around the campfire doing manly things with all the manly camping friends. You know, building the biggest campfire, talking football, hunting, NASCAR, fishing, etc… when suddenly he realized that it was time for my walk. So, obviously not thinking, he says to the burly crowd “I’ll be back in a few minutes guys, I think Emma needs to piddle.”

HA!! The Duchess scored!!!


  1. Emma Rose, You are such an insightful girl! Chance is trained to "go pee" when it is really cold or raining I am SO glad I used key words when I potty trained him:)

  2. Far Side of Fifty,

    Bear is trained to "go pee" also. Because HE'S a boy, like Chance!


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