Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Best Medicine

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Duchess has a cold and has not been sleeping well at all. Every two hours she wakes up coughing violently and goes in the other room so as not to disturb the Duke. When it subsides and she climbs back into bed, she reaches for me and we cuddle. I curl up against her and she massages the silky softness of my neck and ears until she drifts off to sleep. Last night she told me I am the best medicine for her. And as I waited for my next "massage session" I thought "sometimes a virus can be a good thing"!


  1. Oh I hope the Duchess feels better soon, I had that nasty crud in Jaunuary..it was no fun:(

  2. Far Side of Fifty,

    Thank you. I'm sure she will improve soon because I'm taking really good care of her!

  3. Take care of Duchess, I just got over it myself and all the licks and snuggles you can give will make her well soon.

  4. Thank you W.O.W. factor -
    I see you are a new friend, so welcome! The Duchess is much better today. She'd better be, because she has to fly to California on Saturday and she CAN'T be sick! I will give her extra licks and snuggles as you suggested. I'm sure that will do the trick!

  5. Ah, I hope Duchess is feeling better soon.

    Although I'm sure you are the best medicine for her.

  6. Glad to hear The Duchess or perhaps I should say, Her Ladyship, is feeling perky again. What is the trip to California for. I live in southern California. Sorry if I sound nosy.

  7. Barry,

    The Duchess is on the mend, thank you!

  8. GutsyWriter,

    The Duchesses mother lives in Orange County and had some yukky surgery yesterday. The Duchess is going to go down and stay for a week to take care of her. This surgery follows 6 months of chemo, so the mother needs lot's of TLC and the Duchess is a good daughter!
    Thanks for visiting today.

  9. silky dog ears and cuddling. very therapeutic!

    gorgeous gorgeous doggie.


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