Friday, June 11, 2010

I Learned A Bad Word Today

"Furloughed". Yep, that's it.  

The Duchess says it is  a bad word because it means "time off work with no pay".  Sadly for her, the Duchess starts a whole week-long furlough on Monday.  Then every month she will have another week off until things get better at work.  

On the bright side, a furlough is not as bad as a "lay-off", 
so the Duchess says it's time to count blessings. 

 I say, how can it be a bad thing if the Duchess gets to stay home with me all week????  Sounds pretty good to me :)  AND THE SUN IS GOING TO SHINE ALL WEEK!!!!!  Starting tomorrow :) Again I say, how can this be a bad thing?  

I don't get it...........



  1. I think having Mom home for a week every month would be a great thing. Not having as much treat money wouldn't be as good, though. I hope things get better at work for your mom soon!


  2. Emma Rose, that can be a very bad word indeed. On the good side of things, the Duchess will be with you for an entire week every month until things get better with the economy! We bet Mister Higgins and Sir Bear will be happy too! Lots of love and have a very wonderful weekend!!! Debbie and Holly

  3. Emma, please tell your mom that I am sorry. We have been going through that too with John, except his hours were reduced 1 day a week - which means a 20% reduction in pay - which sucks. I am still unemployed too...and my benefits run out in September. Sadly I don't see the economy improving before then. *sigh* Sucks all around.

  4. We are sorry fur woo but at least The Dutchess gets to go to work -

    My mom is stukhk here with me -

    And it is getting sad fur both of us -

    Paws khrossed her F word is shortlived!


  5. We are sending momma hugs and good thoughts as she begins her furlough time. Enjoy her while you can, Emma Rose, we are sure that she will be back to work full time soon - so love those extra moments now☺

  6. I wish your mom good luck she needs it Emma.

  7. Pretty Emma,

    We are praying for this economy to improve. Good luck to your mom.
    Please give her some extra hugs and kisses (and I know you will!)


  8. Enjoy the time with your mom and I hope things get better soon for your mom too.

  9. Woooos Emma Rose! Having Mum at home may b ea good thing fur woo in the short run, but what happens when she is not out hunting fur woo food????? Woooos, no cookies??? That would be bad. I hope woo Dutchess finds things get better at her work, to keep woo all in kibble!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  10. Tough times out there for so many. Hope the f word can disappear from your lives soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Hey you're lucky to have the Duchess around all the time! Me and my sister and two brothers are very happy that our Daddy is a school teacher cuz he has off ALL summer long! Yippee, lots of playing ball and frisbee! WOOHOO!!!

  12. Well, sounds like your job will be to make the Duchess see that this will be a lot more fun than going to work!! My mama takes of the whole summer to spend with me! Lucky dog, lucky dog, I'm a lucky dog!

  13. Sending love and hugs your way...

  14. One week a month, furlough is a bad F word..but I guess it could be you need us to send treats? Kisses from Chance:)

  15. Ruh roh, Mom has to pay for your food, remember? But, I hope that you can make the best of it and have tons of fun until things get better at work! Enjoy the time with your mom.

    I have to say that every single time I visit, I notice how much I love your banner photo. It's gorgeous!

  16. Duchess, sorry to hear about your work. But all your pups will be so thankful to have you at home all day. I hope you guys can have some fun!

  17. Furloughs are great for dogs Emma, I can see why you are psyched. Until the treat money runs low. :(

    On a more serious note - I do hope this is a short term thing...

  18. Emma Rose these are some georgeous photos of you! So reflective you are on mom's situation. Glad she is home, yet a troubling economic time these days...

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  19. Cyndi told me about your blog and now I am hooked. I can't wait to read more about you! Everyone has to tighten their belts these days.

  20. miss emma rose,
    i am sorry that your mama has to do that furlough thingie, but at least she has you and mr. higgins and sir bear to play with while she's home! i hope thingies get better at her work very soon like.
    the booker man


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